Georgia Super Speeder Law

​Effective January 1, 2010, the Georgia Super Speeder Law fines drivers whose speed exceeds 84 mph (or 74 mph on a two-lane road) an additional $200 for the violation. This amount is surcharged from the State of Georgia and is in addition to the fines charged by the Court, which can vary by the jurisdiction and can be as high as $1,000.00. 

​Along with the increased fine, drivers who are convicted of violating the super speeder law will also have four points added to their driver’s license. How does this effect you? Georgia state law uses a point system, when a driver breaks any type of traffic law, a certain amount of points are assessed to his or her driver’s license. 

​Georgia speeding ticket points are calculated based on the number of miles per hour you were exceeding the posted speed limit. Two points are given for speeding violations that are 15 to 18 mph above the posted limit, three points for speeds between 19 and 23 mph, four points for drivers going 24 to 33 mph over the speed limit, and six points for speeds more than 33 mph above the posted limit.

​The Department of Driver Services will automatically suspend your license if you accumulate 15 points over a two-year period. Drivers under the age of 21 can have an automatic suspension if they are assessed four points within twelve months. This means that drivers under the age of 21 may automatically lose their license if they are convicted of super speeding.

​In addition to the ramifications to your driver's license, there are "ripple" effects. It is possible your auto insurance company can surcharge you for obtaining points on your license or even "Non-Renew" your policy. 

​If you have recently received Super Speeder ticket - citation in Georgia, we recommend that you speak with us immediately in order to fully understand your options. Please keep in mind that even after you resolve your ticket with the Court the State of Georgia can come later and assess more points and further fines possibly leading to the suspension of your driver's license.

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